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We’re a loving family of two little angels, my husband who’s an engineer, and myself, a pediatric anesthetist! My mother-in-law blended her mystical Indian herbs in coconut oil when our first son started developing dry skin patches on his face and thighs. We started seeing improvement within a few days of use.


Then our second son experienced terrible diaper rashes making him scream and sob at diaper changes. Again, the Miracle Oil came to the rescue. This time, we saw results within hours of application! The red soreness started to disappear quickly.


I later discovered the miracle oil is also an exceptionally effective mosquito repellent for those summer play days.


I knew I had to share this amazing blessing with every single mom out there. The idea of Mother’s Green was born in my mind!


But we did not have the time nor the money to create a product that will actually reach moms everywhere. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy in a world full of fluff marketing. With that in mind we kept putting this project off until a recent “ah-ha” moment; a realization that mom’s struggle to find 100% natural products for their babies in a marketplace full of chemical concoctions. This realization and the blessing of a third baby gave me the courage to press on with this challenging endeavor.


Here’s to resilient and persistent moms everywhere!




Soothes and relieves the most terrible diaper rashes


Naturally rejuvenates dry skin


Exceptionally effective mosquito repellent


Calming hair and body massage oil


Massaging a tiny drop of oil in your navel will invigorate all of your kundalis from within to help with dry skin, lips, nails, eyes, and much more. After all, your navel is where everything starts!




Apply a few drops of oil directly on the skin and gently rub it in. Let the skin absorb the oil for maximum protection.


For stubborn mean diaper rashes, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on top of the oil application.


To keep mosquitoes away apply oil on all exposed areas, especially behind the ears, neck, ankles, etc.

Re-apply a small amount every one to two hours, if sweating.

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